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PC - Taito Legends (factory sealed)


Factory sealed game compilation for the PC. 

In-game language and cover insert text are English. Includes art card.

Includes 29 games:

  • Battle Shark (1989)
  • Bubble Bobble (1986)
  • Colony 7 (1981)
  • Continental Circus (1989)
  • Electric Yoyo (1982)
  • Elevator Action (1983)
  • Exzisus (1987)
  • Gladiator (1986)
  • Great Swordsman (1984)
  • Jungle Hunt (1982)
  • The New Zealand Story (1988)
  • Ninja Kids (1990)
  • Operation Thunderbolt (1988)
  • Operation Wolf (1987)
  • Phoenix(1980)
  • Plotting (1989)
  • Plump Pop (1987)
  • Rainbow Islands (1987)
  • Rastan (1987)
  • Return of the Invaders (1985)
  • Space Gun (1990)
  • Space Invaders (1980)
  • Space Invaders Part 2 (1980)
  • Super Qix (1987)
  • Thunderfox (1990)
  • Tokio (1986)
  • Tube It (1993)
  • Volfied (1989)
  • Zoo Keeper (1982)

Still factory sealed. Seal has some shelf wear. Please refer to pictures for details of condition and contents. 

Please note: As this is an old PC game, it may not work properly on Windows versions that were developed after this game's release. If the game offers online play, this may not be supported anymore. Activation codes (if applicable) may not be usable anymore, or they may still work at gaming platforms. 


Genre: retro game compilation 

EAN  5017783018844 

Release  2005

Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts (abbreviated CoH:OF) is the stand alone expansion pack to Company of Heroes, a real-time strategy game for computers running the Windows operating system. It was announced on April 5, 2007. Opposing Fronts was developed by Canadian-based RTS developer Relic Entertainment, and published by THQ. The game was released on September 25, 2007 in the US and September 28 in Europe. Another standalone expansion to the CoH series, Tales of Valor, was released in April 2009.

Dynamic Environmental Effects System
Opposing Fronts implements a Dynamic Weather Effects system consisting of real time weather effects and day-to-night time transitions. In addition to these enhancements, particular birds sing at various times of the day and during specific weather patterns. Although Relic had initially indicated otherwise, the Dynamic Weather Effects system has no tactical impact on the battlefield.

New Single-Player Campaigns
Opposing Fronts introduces two new single player campaigns. The campaigns feature gameplay from the British perspective and the German perspective. The British campaign is based on the Liberation of Caen. It features nine missions focusing on the attack by British and Canadian forces from Sword, Gold, and Juno Beaches to the city of Caen. The German Panzer Elite's campaign is based on driving back Allied forces during Operation Market Garden. It features eight playable missions following a Panzer Elite Kampfgruppe in occupied Netherlands that is bracing itself for one of the largest airborne invasions in history.

Company of Heroes players are able to play against Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts users. Those who own both games can either play as the Americans or the British against the Wehrmacht or the Panzer Elite. Those who own only Company of Heroes can play only as the American or Wehrmacht armies.

Source: Wikipedia