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Neo Geo AES - World Heroes 2 Jet (NTSC-J, region free)


Used game for the Neo Geo AES game console. 

Japanese import. Plays on any NeoGeo AES console worldwide. 

In-game language is a mixture of English and Japanese.  Instruction booklet and cover insert text are Japanese. 

Tested, works. In very good to excellent condition. The vulnerable plastic inner tray is still undamaged. Please refer to pictures for details of condition and contents


Genre: 2D fighting 
Number of players: 1-2 (simultaneous) 

JAN 4964808100613 

Product code NGH-064

Samurai Shodown is a competitive fighting game developed and published by SNK for their Neo Geo arcade and home platform. Released in 1993, it is the first installment in the Samurai Shodown series. In contrast to other fighting games at the time, which were set in modern times and focused primarily on hand-to-hand combat, Samurai Shodown is set in feudal-era Japan (similar to Kaneko's Shogun Warriors which was released the year prior) and was SNK's first arcade fighting game to focus primarily on weapon-based combat.


The game is set in the late 18th century, and all the characters wield weapons. The game uses comparatively authentic music from the time period, rife with sounds of traditional Japanese instruments, such as the shakuhachi and shamisen. A refined version of the camera zoom first found in Art of Fighting is used in Samurai Shodown; true to its use of bladed weapons, the game also includes copious amounts of blood.

The game quickly became renowned for its fast pace. Focusing more on quick, powerful strikes than combos, slow motion was added to intensify damage dealt from hard hits. During a match, a referee holds flags representing each player (Player 1 is white; Player 2 is red). When a player lands a successful hit, the referee lifts the corresponding flag, indicating who dealt the blow.

A delivery man occasionally appears in the background and throws items such as bombs or health-restoring chicken, which can significantly change the outcome.

Source: Wikipedia