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PS1 - Contra: Legacy of War (PAL)


Used game for the Sony PlayStation 1. 

PAL version.
In-game language is English. Instruction booklet and back inlay text are in English, German, French, Dutch, Italian and Spanish.
Tested, works. In good condition. Disc has wear. It has been tested with special software and proven 100% error free. Please refer to pictures for details of condition and contents. 


Genre: third-person shooter
Number of players: 1-2 (simultaneous) 

EAN 4988062037751 

Product code SLES 00608 

Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse is a 1994 platformer video game developed by Traveller's Tales and published by Sony Imagesoft for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis, and Sega CD. In the game, the player controls Mickey Mouse, who must navigate through various side-scrolling levels, each designed and based from classical Mickey Mouse cartoons. The game was later released on the PlayStation as Mickey's Wild Adventure.

Mickey Mania is a platformer in which players control Mickey Mouse as he visits various locations based on his past cartoons, ranging from his debut in Steamboat Willie to the more recent The Prince and the Pauper. Mickey can attack enemies by either jumping on them or by using a limited supply of marbles, which are collected throughout the level. Mickey can take up to five hits, represented by the fingers he holds up on his hand, which can be replenished by collecting stars, whilst extra lives can be gained by finding Mickey hats. Levels offer a variety of challenges such as puzzles the player must solve, escaping from a rampaging moose and fleeing from a flaming staircase. 

Version difference 
The four versions of the game differ from each other somewhat. The Super NES version is missing the hidden Band Concert level and the staircase sequence in the Mad Doctor level, as well as a few special effects and some of Pluto's appearances and some level-ending sequences. It also adds loading time screens in between each area. The Sega CD and PlayStation versions extend the ending to the Mad Doctor level, showing that the Mad Doctor himself had regressed to a baby, and adds a sequence near the end of the Prince and the Pauper level wherein Mickey must find pencils to call upon the other Mickeys from the six main levels to attack Pete, as well as giving Mickey an extensive dialogue relevant to situations throughout the game. The Genesis lacks the hidden area near the end of the first level. The PlayStation version enhances the graphics (all sprites are remade, notably the staircase sequences are rendered in 3D graphics and in the one in the Mad Doctor level, crates occasionally come from behind which Mickey has to dodge) and adds a sequence at the end of the Mickey and the Beanstalk level where Mickey must run away from Willie the Giant (Willie makes no appearance in any of the other game versions despite being mentioned in the manuals of all four versions).
Source: Wikipedia