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PC Engine - Save Kun KH-1001 KOEI (NTSC-J)


Used data save accessory for the PC Engine game console. 

Japanese import, will not work on PAL or NTSC TurboGrafX consoles.

Released in 1993. Works only with a limited number of games that were released in 1993 or later, specifically designed for this kind of data save accessories. 

Works with 4 size AA batteries (not included). 

Tested works. In good condition. Please refer to pictures for details of condition and contents. 

Genre: data save accessory  

Product code KH-1001

Memory Base 128 or Save-kun (J): These units, Japan-only addons that plug into the controller port as a passthrough, have 128000 blocks on them, divided into 64 banks. You can copy banks back and forth to the system, as with the Tennokoe Bank, though to do this you must go through ingame menus with certain compatible games (because of how it plugs in, it can’t have a built-in menu like the Tennokoe Bank, of course). Certain, specific Japanese CD titles that support the MB128 directly can save directly to the MB128, as well. Koei released a clone of the MB128 called the Save-kun; it’s the same thing, and is inter-compatible. The only negative is that it saves via AA batteries, which won’t last nearly as long (I’ve found good alkalines last me about seven months, or maybe a bit more), but are user-replaceable. There is another internal (rechargeable perhaps) battery for when the batteries die, that will hold the saves for about half an hour while you replace the batteries. The unit will also hold saves while system power is on, so you could alternately replace the batteries while the system is on. The batteries are in a plastic box that goes in the bottom of the MB128 unit, so you just pull that out, put new batteries in, and plug it in again.
Source: blackfalcongames.net