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CD-i - Mega-Maze (PAL)


CD-i - Mega-Maze (PAL)


Used game for the CD-i game console. 

PAL version. 

In-game language is English. Instruction booklet and back inlay text are in English, French, German and Dutch. 

Tested, works. Disc and instruction booklet in very good condition. Case in good condition. Please refer to pictures for details of condition and contents


Genre: 2D puzzle action 
Number of players: 1 

EAN  8712581000837 

Product code  8100083 

Release  1994

Mega Maze is a video game approach to the real-life games where you would turn a platform of a maze with a metal ball to miss the holes and reach the middle with a few twists. You control a steel ball, being chased by enemies balls who can destroy you by blowing up when they touch you.

You also have to avoid explosive traps, trap doors and electric sensors. You can even make dummy balls to attract the enemy balls or use them to set on a switch to keep weight on it, giving you time to get through a trap without being caught. It features 75 levels, each with either with one maze clear up to three mazes.

Source: mobygames.com