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CD-i - Merlin's Apprentice (PAL)


CD-i - Merlin's Apprentice (PAL)


Used game for the CD-i game console. 

PAL version. 

In-game language, instruction booklet and back inlay text are English. 

Tested, works. Disc in excellent condition. Instruction booklet in very good condition. Case in good condition. Please refer to pictures for details of condition and contents


Genre: puzzle 
Number of players: 1 

EAN  8712581001926 

Product code  8100192 

Release  1994

Merlin's Apprentice is a puzzle game in which you have to become an apprentice to Merlin the Wizard -- but first you have to find him by solving many puzzles and trying to outsmart three clever demons. The game has cartoon-style graphics and funny sound & voices.

Source: mobygames.com