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CD-i - Lords of the Rising Sun (PAL)


CD-i - Lords of the Rising Sun (PAL)


Used game for the CD-i game console. 

PAL version.

In-game language and back inlay text are English. Instruction booklet is in Dutch. 

Tested, works. Discs and instruction booklet in excellent condition. Case in good condition. Please refer to pictures for details of condition and contents


Genre: strategy / action 
Number of players: 1 

EAN  8712581400545 

Product code  8140054 

Release  1992

Lords of the Rising Sun is a 1989 video game by Cinemaware, game design and art by Doug Barnett, released for the Amiga among other systems. Like the earlier Defender of the Crown, it was a mix of map-based strategy and arcade-style mini games as the player, playing as one of the famous Japanese generals Yoshitsune or Yoritomo, fights to pacify Japan by force. In the short documentary "The Total War Story", Mike Simpson, studio director for the company Creative Assembly said that the company's Total War series of games had been influenced by Lords of the Rising Sun.

Source: Wikipedia