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Home » CD-i - Golden Oldies I: Guardian & Invaders (PAL)

CD-i - Golden Oldies I: Guardian & Invaders (PAL)


Used game for the CD-i game console. 

PAL version. 

Includes 2 games: Guardian and Invaders.

In-game language, instructions and back inlay text are English. 

Tested, works. Disc in excellent condition. Instructions and case in good condition. Please refer to pictures for details of condition and contents


Genre: 2D shoot-'em-up 
Number of players: 1 

Release  1997

Golden Oldies I is collection of two games that mimic the game mechanics of classic arcade games. The games are:

  • Guardian, a remake of Defender
  • Invaders, a remake of Space Invaders

Both games have modernized graphics over the original, while the gameplay stays mostly the same. In Guardian you fly around on a horizontally scrolling background shooting at enemies. In Invaders you hover about at the bottom of the screen and shoot enemies that come descending from the sky. There are three bunkers to hide in, until they are shot to bits.

Source: mobygames.com