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Famicom - Spelunker (NTSC-J) cart

Famicom - Spelunker (NTSC-J) cart
Sold out

Used game for the Nintendo Famicom game console. 

Japanese import. Will not play on non-Japanese systems without a converter. 

This title was not released for the European NES. 

In-game language is English.
Cartridge only. Tested, works. In very good condition. Red light on cartridge still working. Please refer to pictures for details of condition and contents. 


Genre: 2D platform 
Number of players: 1 

JAN 4962891100039

Product code IF-03

Spelunker is a 1983 platform video game developed by Tim Martin and MicroGraphic Image. Spelunker is set in a colossal cave, with the player starting at the cave's entrance at the top, and the objective is to get to the fabulous treasure at the bottom.

Originally released by MicroGraphic Image for the Atari 8-bit family in 1983, the game was later ported to the Commodore 64 and re-released by Broderbund in 1984, with European publishing rights licensed to Ariolasoft. An arcade version followed in 1985, and the game was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System on December 6, 1985 in Japan and September 1987 in North America, and for the MSX in 1986. A sequel was released in arcades and for the NES on September 18, 1987 called Spelunker II: Yūsha e no Chōsen by Irem, in Japan only.


The player must walk and jump through increasingly challenging parts of the cave, all the while working with a finite supply of fresh air, which could be replenished at various points.

The cave's hazards include bats, which drop deadly guano on the player; and a ghost haunting the cave and appearing randomly, attempting to take the player to the shadow world. The player character can send a blast of air to push the ghost away. However, this renders the player's character immobile for a few seconds, thus vulnerable to other dangers and further depleting their air supply. Objects to collect include sticks of dynamite, flares, and keys. Precise positioning and jumping play key factors in successfully completing the game.

The cave in Spelunker is divided into six levels. Although the levels connect seamlessly to each other, forming one large map, the game clearly signals a level change at certain points by showing the name of the next level and giving the player a bonus, consisting of an extra life and a varying amount of points. Also, depending on memory, the next level or two were loaded from disk at that point.

The splash screen of the game on the original Atari features an excerpt of Modest Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition as background music. All other versions of the game, including the Atari re-release feature a different title theme. The NES and MSX versions have additional music during gameplay.

Source: Wikipedia