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Famicom - Image Fight (NTSC-J) cart


Famicom - Image Fight (NTSC-J) cart


Used game for the Nintendo Famicom game console. 

Japanese import. Will not play on non-Japanese systems without a converter. 

This title was not released for the European NES.
In-game language is English.
Cartridge only. Tested, works. In good condition. Please refer to pictures for details of condition and contents. 

Genre: vertical shoot-'em up
Number of players: 1-2 

JAN 4962891100145 

Product code IF-14

Image Fight (イメージファイト) (also IMAGEFIGHT) is a 1988 vertically scrolling shooter arcade game developed and published by Irem. It was ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System, PC Engine (Japan-only), Sharp X68000 (Japan-only), and FM Towns (Japan-only) in 1990.


Image Fight was released one year after Irem's successful horizontal scroller, R-Type, and, although not directly related, the two games have some similarities.

The player flies a futuristic red ship. R-Type Final identifies this ship as the OF-1 Daedalus, but it is not known if that was the ship's original name. However, the term OF-1 does appear in the NES version's instruction manual, as well as in the official artwork for the sequel, Image Fight II. The game appears to be set inside a holographic simulator, like the holodeck on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The game begins with five stages taking place inside a combat simulation, and the player's ability to destroy enemy entities is tested. Upon finishing a simulation stage, the game displays results and shows if their score is considered passing or failing. The player must have an average kill rate of 90% or better in the simulation stages to immediately proceed to real combat. If the player fails, they must play an additional stage before entering real combat. Real combat consists of three stages. The real combat stages play very much like a traditional shoot em' up game, where the player immediately proceeds to the next stage upon completing the current stage.

Source: Wikipedia