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PC - Dark Age of Camelot: Catacombs (PAL) factory sealed


PC - Dark Age of Camelot: Catacombs (PAL) factory sealed


Factory sealed game for the PC. 

PAL version. 

This is an expansion. Original game Dark Age of Camelot is required.
In-game language and box text are English.
Still factory sealed. Seal has wear. Please refer to pictures for details of condition and contents.

Please note: As this is an old PC game, it may not work properly on Windows versions that were developed after this game's release. If the game offers online play, this may not be supported anymore. Activation codes (if applicable) may not be usable anymore, or they may still work at Steam. 


Genre: MMORPG 

Only playable online. 

EAN 3760049391060

Catacombs is the third commercial expansion pack to Dark Age of Camelot (after Shrouded Isles and Trials of Atlantis). The expansion adds a totally new, vast and diverse underground world to the game, in order to put a little more weight on dungeon adventures. There is a new entry point to these 15 catacomb regions in the capital city of each of the three realms. The catacombs themselves are the same for every realm, although they are handled separately so there is no RvR combat.

Other features include the biggest graphics engine update in the history of the game, allowing for more customized characters and faces, "Private Adventuring" which adds instanced dungeons for letting individuals and groups adventure in their own private catacombs, as well as 5 new character classes: the Heretic for Albion, the Vampiir and Bainshee for Hibernia, and finally the Warloks and Valkyries for Midgard.

Source: mobygames.com