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TurboGrafx - Bravoman (NTSC) factory sealed


TurboGrafx - Bravoman (NTSC) factory sealed


Factory sealed TurboGrafx-16 HuCARD game.

US import.

In-game language and box text are English. 

Still factory sealed. Please refer to pictures for details of condition and contents. 


Genre: side-scrolling action 
Number of players: 1 

UPC 092218000996

Product code TGX040047


Chōzetsurin Jin: Bravoman is a 1988 beat'em up arcade game developed and published in Japan by Namco. Described as a "comical action game", the player controls the titular character, a bionic superhero with telescopic limbs, as he must defeat the villainous Dr. Bomb before he takes over the world. Bravoman can use his arms, legs and head to defeat enemies, and can also crouch and jump over them. It ran on the Namco System 1 arcade board.

Conceived by Namco composer Norio Nakagata, Bravoman is a homage to 1930's tokusatsu films, parodying common tropes found in the genre, and Nakagata's love for synthesizer music. Many former staff members from Toei Animation were hired for the project, leading to the game's distinct art style influenced by anime. Bravoman's real identity, known as Hitoshi Nakamura, is a caricature of Namco's then-president Masaya Nakamura, who the game was dedicated to. It is Namco's only video game to use pressure-sensitive buttons, which were reportedly easy to break. It was ported to a handful of systems, including the TurboGrafx-16, Japanese mobile phones, and the Wii Virtual Console.

In Japan, Bravoman was widely-successful. It received high praise for its gameplay and humor, and has since become a cult classic. It received much more negative coverage from western publications, who disliked its mechanics, difficulty, and inferiority to other games in the genre. The game spawned a shooter spin-off, Pistol Daimyo no Boken, in 1990. Bravoman has since gained notoriety from its revival through the now-defunct ShiftyLook division of Namco Bandai Games, who produced a webcomic and animated series based on the game. ShiftyLook also produced an endless runner based on the comic, Bravoman: Binja Bash!, for cellular devices. A true sequel was in production towards the end of the 1980's, but was cancelled when the developers grew concerned that its concept wouldn't work as a game.


In Bravoman, the player controls the titular character, a bionic superhero posing telescopic limbs, in his mission to stop the evil scientist Dr. Bomb from taking over the world. Bravoman can punch, kick, and headbutt enemies to defeat them; the game uses pressure-sensitive buttons, where the harder the button is pressed, the stronger the player's attack is. Bravoman can also jump over enemies and other obstacles in his way. He also has a health meter at the bottom-left of the screen, which will deplete when he is hit by an enemy or projectile. Most enemies leave behind small items known as "Fuku" when defeated. Collecting ten Fuku will cause Bravoman's sort-of partner Lottery Man to appear, who will give him a random powerup item. These include rice balls and noodles that will refill a portion of his health, a star that gives him the ability to fire atomic blasts from his fists, a drink that grants temporarily invincibility, and a bullet train that will warp him to the end of the level.

The game features 33 stages. Some of these levels take place underwater and transition the gameplay into a horizontal-scrolling shooter, transforming Bravoman into a submarine that can fire missiles at enemies. Most stages feature a boss at the end that must be defeated in order to progress. The most common boss the player fights is Black Bravo, an evil clone of Bravoman that mimics his attacks. Other bosses include the cyborg ninja Waya-Hime, a mechanical version of the king of Atlantis, and Pistol Daimyo, a shogun with a cannon attached to his head. The first level acts as a tutorial, with a robot alien named Alpha Man teaching the player how to play the game. In the last level, the player must fight Dr. Bomb himself. Some levels act as bonus levels, featuring little to no enemies and plentiful in power-up items.

Source: Wikipedia