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PC Engine - Lode Runner: Lost Labyrinth (NTSC-J) HuCARD


PC Engine - Lode Runner: Lost Labyrinth (NTSC-J) HuCARD


Used PC Engine HuCARD game.

Japanese import, will not play on PAL or NTSC TurboGrafX consoles without a converter.

In-game language is mainly English. Instruction booklet is Japanese. 
Tested, works. Card in excellent condition. Instruction booklet in very good condition. Case in good condition. Please refer to pictures for details of condition and contents.


Genre: 2D arcade action 
Number of players: 1 

JAN 4988110600043

Product code PV1004

A very straightforward conversion of a popular puzzle platform game. You must collect the piles of gold on each level, while avoiding the robots on patrol. To defend yourself, you are able to shoot holes in the platforms to your left or right, and these will capture the robots for a short time before they climb out again. Once you have collected all the gold, make your way to the top of the screen for the next level. The game also includes a level editor.

Lode Runner Lost Labyrinth is a difficult game to rate. On one hand, it is a shockingly lazy version of Lode Runner: graphics are extremely basic at best and certainly not befitting a console as capable as the PC Engine; sound is almost non existant, with only a few plinks and plonks as you run around and the occasional jingle between levels. I really want to slap this game down, but the problem is that at its core it is still Lode Runner, and that means there is fun to be had, especially if you are someone who enjoys a little bit of thought with your action. There is certainly no reason to choose this over the vastly superior Battle Lode Runner, but taken on its own, the gameplay just saves it.

Source: The PC Engine Software Bible