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Home » PC Engine - Garou Densetsu 2: Aratanaru Tatakai (NTSC-J) Arcade CD-ROM

PC Engine - Garou Densetsu 2: Aratanaru Tatakai (NTSC-J) Arcade CD-ROM


Used PC Engine Arcade CR-ROM game.

Japanese import, will not play on PAL or NTSC TurboGrafX consoles without a converter. An Arcade Card will be required (the Arcade Card Duo for PC Engine Duo consoles or the Arcade Card Pro for PC Engine consoles with seperate CD-ROM unit).

In-game language is a mixture of Japanese and English.  Instruction booklet and back cover inlay text are Japanese. 

Tested, works. Disc and instruction booklet in excellent condition. Case in good condition. Please refer to pictures for details of condition and contents.

Genre: 2D fighting 
Number of players: 1-2 (simultaneous) 

JAN 4988607250607 

Product code HCD4060 

Release 1994

Fatal Fury 2 (餓狼伝説2 ~新たなる闘い~, "Legend of the Hungry Wolf 2: The New Battle") is a 1992 fighting video game released by SNK for the Neo Geo arcade and home platforms, and later ported to several other home systems. It is a sequel to Fatal Fury: King of Fighters and the second game in the Fatal Fury franchise. Its updated version, Fatal Fury Special, was released in 1993.

Fatal Fury 2 was the second game in SNK's 100-Mega Shock series, offering improved graphics and gameplay over the original Fatal Fury: King of Fighters. The play controls were modified, this time making full use of the Neo-Geo's four button configuration, by including four attack buttons (Light Punch, Light Kick, Strong Punch, and Strong Kick). The player can also dash back from the opponent to retreat by quickly tapping the lever backwards twice.

The two-plane battle system from the first Fatal Fury has been retained. This time, the player can move freely to the adjacent plane by pressing the Light Punch and Light Kick buttons simultaneously for the "Plane Move". The player can also perform a "Power Attack" that will knock the opponent to the other plane. When the opponent is on the other plane, the player can press either a punch button to jump towards the opponent with a "Low Plane Move Attack" or either a kick button for a "High Plane Move Attack". Certain stages have hazards in the background plane, such as electrified wires or a stampede of bulls, and thus the player cannot change planes but can knock the opponent to the other plane to cause extra damage.

Other specialized techniques have been added as well. After the player guards an opponent's attack, they can follow it up with a special counterattack technique known as an "Evasion Attack". The player can also taunt the opponent by pressing the Strong Punch button from a distance. Fatal Fury 2 also introduces the "Desperation Move" (or "Fury"), a powerful type of Special Move which causes massive damage that can only be used when the player's life gauge is at 25% and flashing red.

The single-player mode has the player facing against all eight characters (including a clone of the player's character), followed by four non-playable boss characters. After every fourth match, the player will participate in a bonus round for more points.

Home versions
In addition to the Neo-Geo AES and Neo-Geo CD home versions, a port of Fatal Fury 2 was released for the Sharp X68000 in Japan in 1993, followed by versions for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive, PC Engine CD, SNES and Game Boy in early 1994. The SNES and Genesis versions were published by Takara, while the X68000 version, released only in Japan, was published by Mahou Kabushikigaisha (Magical Company). All three versions allowed the player to control the four boss characters. The PC Engine version was published by Hudson Soft only in Japan and was one of the first games to require the Arcade Card add-on.[citation needed] To coincide with the Japanese release of the SNES version, Hori Electric released a special controller called the Fatal Fury 2 Commander which has the power and super power moves of all the game's playable characters programmed in so that they can be triggered with a single button.

The original Neo Geo version of the game was later included in 2006's Fatal Fury: Battle Archive Volume 1 for the PlayStation 2 (with a choice between the original AES and CD soundtrack). It was also made available on the Wii's Virtual Console service in 2008.
Source: Wikipedia