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PC Engine - Energy (NTSC-J) HuCARD


PC Engine - Energy (NTSC-J) HuCARD


Used PC Engine HuCARD game.

Japanese import, will not play on PAL or NTSC TurboGrafX consoles without a converter.

Japan-exclusive release. 
In-game language and instruction booklet are Japanese. 
Tested, works. Card and instruction booklet in excellent condition. Case in good to very good condition. Please refer to pictures for details of condition and contents. 

Genre: 2D platform 
Number of players: 1 

JAN 4988616001047 

Product code NCS89005 

Energy is a side scrolling platform game by NCS based on Ashe, an obscure PC-8801 Japanese game originally released by Quasar Soft in 1988.
A powerful earthquake has released an army of mutant monsters all over the city of Tokyo. A small group of humans survived and from their underground hideout they decide to send a team to investigate and fight the threat. The player takes control of a young fighter with psionic powers (called 'ESP'), the only known of his kind. He can use these unique phsychic powers to also fire balls of energy, his only means of defense against the various mutants and monsters that crawl around the levels. The player also meets many supportive characters throughout the game that offer clues about the overall story.
Source: videogameden.com

Kōgien“Use supernatural energy balls to defeat enemies as you proceed. Your abilities can be powered up with special items. An action game with adventure-style conversations and puzzle solving.”

Energy is arguably the most so-bad-it’s-good game ever released on the PC Engine. It’s certainly one of the most harshly reviewed. Famicom Tsushin gave it 4/5/6/3 for a total of 18 points. Marukatsu PC Engine, Kadokawa Shoten’s monthly PCE mag, was a bit kinder with its 5/5/6/4 rating, but I can count on one hand the number of times Marukatsu gave out scores below 5/10, so the presence of a 4 up there indicates we’re into deepest, darkest kusoge territory with this one.

Source: magweasel.com