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Home » PC Engine - Drop Rock Hora Hora (NTSC-J) HuCARD

PC Engine - Drop Rock Hora Hora (NTSC-J) HuCARD


PC Engine - Drop Rock Hora Hora (NTSC-J) HuCARD


Used PC Engine HuCARD game.

Japanese import, will not play on PAL or NTSC TurboGrafX consoles without a converter.

In the US this game was released as Drop Off
In-game language is English. Instruction booklet is Japanese. 
Tested, works. In excellent condition. Please refer to pictures for details of condition and contents.


Genre: 2D arcade action 
Number of players: 1

JAN 4961082300050

Product code DE90005

Drop Off is a Breakout clone by Data East. The game was published in 1990 for the PC Engine under the title Drop Rock Hora Hora, and subsequently saw a stateside release for the TurboGrafx-16 console as Drop Off.


The game is a Breakout clone, where the player moves a paddle back and forth in order to destroy objects. Each stage has a set of the same object (for example, apples on the first stage). Unlike Breakout and other comparable games, the player in Drop Off does not automatically lose a life if the paddle touches the floor and the player is never required to hit the objects in order to clear the stage. Instead, the player must avoid the series of objects that are scrolling vertically downward to move on to next stage, and the gameplay is practically identical to Cluster Buster, an earlier title on the DECO Cassette System. The player has the option of switching the direction of their paddle from vertical to horizontal during the game and is free to move the paddle anywhere on the screen.

Drop Off contains 16 stages divided in 5 rounds.

Source: Wikipedia