Wii - Wii Play (PAL) HOL
  • Wii - Wii Play (PAL) HOL
  • Wii - Wii Play (PAL) HOL
  • Wii - Wii Play (PAL) HOL
  • Wii - Wii Play (PAL) HOL
  • Wii - Wii Play (PAL) HOL
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Wii Wii Play
Used game for the Nintendo Wii.

PAL version.

Available game languages (screen text): English, French, German, Spanish, Italian. Instruction booklet and cover insert are Dutch. Includes the following 9 games:
      • Shooting Range
      • Find Mii
      • Table Tennis
      • Pose Mii
      • Laser Hockey
      • Billiards
      • Fishing
      • Charge!
      • Tanks

Tested, works. Disc in fair to good condition. Instruction booklet in very good condition, it is complete and has no writings inside. Case in good condition. Please refer to pictures for details of condition and contents.

Genre: party/mini-games

Wii Play, released as Your First Step to Wii (はじめてのWii Hajimete no Uī) in Japan, is a party video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Wii console. It was released as a launch game for the console in Japan, Europe, and Australia, and was released in North America in February 2007. The game features nine minigames, including a Duck Hunt-esque shooting range, a fishing game, and a billiards game, each of which are designed to showcase the features of the Wii Remote controller.

Developed as a compilation of prototype games originally shown off at the E3 expo in 2006, Wii Play was developed by Nintendo EAD simultaneously with Wii Sports, which also contained tech demos from E3. The featured games make use of several aspects of the Wii Remote, such as its detection of rotation and depth movement through motion sensing and its infrared pointer.

Despite mixed reception from critics who criticized the game for its repetitiveness, Wii Play was a commercial success, with strong sales being largely connected to the game’s inclusion of an additional Wii Remote at the time of its release. The game is the fifth best-selling game for the Wii and the fourteenth best-selling video game of all-time, having sold over 28 million copies worldwide. A sequel to the game titled Wii Play: Motion was released in 2011.

Wii Play is a party game consisting of nine minigames that make use of the Wii Remote's several unique features. These games can either be played in single-player mode or in a two-player multiplayer versus mode in which each player's number of wins are recorded. Upon starting the game, only one of the featured minigames is accessible, but the other eight are systematically unlocked as the player tries each one.  The player is able to use their own custom Mii avatarscreated through the Mii Channel, who appear in several of the included minigames. High scores are saved when playing in single player mode, and achieving certain high scores awards the player with bronze, silver, gold and platinum medals for the respective game, along with a message sent to the Wii Message Board containing a short tip for that respective game.
Source: Wikipedia

EAN code of Wii Play is 045496364779, product code is rvl-rhap-hol. A used party/mini-games game, tweedehands wii spel.

Artikelnummer: WII-045496364779
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