SNES - Jurassic Park (PAL) FRA/SFRA cart
  • SNES - Jurassic Park (PAL) FRA/SFRA cart
  • SNES - Jurassic Park (PAL) FRA/SFRA cart
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SNES Jurassic Park
Used Super Nintendo game

PAL version.
Game language is a mixture of English and French.
Cartridge only. Tested, works. In good condition. Please refer to pictures for condition and contents.

Genre: action adventure

Jurassic Park is an action-adventure video game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), based on the 1990 novel and 1993 film of the same name.

It was developed by Ocean Software and released in 1993 in North America and PAL regions, and published and released by Jaleco in 1994 for Japan. Most of the game is viewed from a top-down view. When the player enters a building, the gameplay perspective shifts to a first-person view. Other versions of Jurassic Park, by Ocean Software and by Sega, were released as well.

In May 2015, approximately 300 copies of the game were put up for sale in an eBaylisting, at a total price of $1,500.

Jurassic Park is based on the novel and film of the same name. Following a computer system failure, Dr. Alan Grant and others become trapped on an island theme park populated with dinosaurs.

The player controls Grant, and begins the game armed with a cattle prod,  although the game also features five other weapons: tranquilizer gun, shotgun, bolas, gas grenade launcher, and missile launcher. The game features seven different dinosaur enemies, as well as giant dragonflies. The player is given five lives, and two continues when all lives are lost. Grant's health is represented by a red health bar. Food and first-aid kits located throughout the game can replenish the player's health.

Motion sensors set up around the island allow characters in the game to communicate advice to the player, although some advice is deliberately malicious.  If Grant loses a life, the player is restarted at the last motion sensor with which Grant came into contact. Mr. DNA, a character from the film, provides dinosaur facts to the player if the game is paused or remains idle for too long. The player must open and close multiple gates to travel around the island. The game's music changes depending on the player's location in the park. The player is also required to collect dinosaur eggs throughout the game.

The game's exterior portion, played from a bird's-eye view, consists of a maze that is made up of jungle trees. The game switches to a first-person perspective when the player enters a building. The player must collect ID cards belonging to characters on the island in order to access certain rooms. Other rooms are completely dark and require night vision goggles to enter. Some buildings contain multiple floors. Jurassic Park supports the Super NES Mouse when playing first-person sequences or operating computer terminals.

To win the game, the player must complete several objectives, starting with powering up a computer to re-activate the park's motion sensors. Once activated, the player's short-range motion sensor can detect nearby dinosaurs.  Subsequently, the player must determine how raptors are infiltrating the park's visitor center and stop them; prevent raptors from escaping to the mainland on a supply ship; and find the raptors' nests in underground volcanic tunnels and destroy them with a nerve gas bomb. The final objective requires the player to locate a communications center to contact a helicopter, and then reach the helipad to be rescued. The game does not utilize a password feature. The player, therefore, is required to play through the entire game in a single sitting.
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