SNES - Ardy Lightfoot (PAL) EUR cart
  • SNES - Ardy Lightfoot (PAL) EUR cart
  • SNES - Ardy Lightfoot (PAL) EUR cart
  • SNES - Ardy Lightfoot (PAL) EUR cart
  • SNES - Ardy Lightfoot (PAL) EUR cart
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SNES Ardy Lightfoot
Used Super Nintendo game

PAL version.
Game language is English.
Cartridge only. Tested, works. In good condition. Faded writing on one side. Please refer to pictures for condition and contents.

Genre: 2D platform

Ardy Lightfoot (アルディライトフット Arudi Raitofutto)[2] is a platform video game released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1993 in Japan and 1994 in the west. It was developed by ASCII and published by Titus in North America.

Story and gameplay
Ardy Lightfoot is an anthropomorphic creature resembling a cat. He is accompanied by his best friend, a blue creature named Pec, who can be used as a weapon, or can take the role of various other helpful devices like a hot air balloon or rock wall destroyer. If Ardy is hit by an enemy, Pec will disappear, and can only be retrieved by finding a chest. If Ardy is without his best friend, he can still attack by bouncing on his tail. He can also protect himself temporarily by hiding behind a clear mirror.

In the story of the game, the sacred rainbow has shattered into seven crystal pieces, and it's up to Ardy to obtain them all. Whoever collects all seven crystal pieces will receive a wish. The evil King Visconti has already gotten one crystal piece, and he is searching for the other pieces. To this end he sends out his followers including Beecroft, Catry and many others. Ardy is assisted by friends along the way, like the unnamed elder, Nina, and a mysterious adventurer named Don Jacoby.

Regional differences
When Titus published Ardy Lightfoot for North American audiences, several changes were introduced. These included numerous sprites, such as Ardy's "waiting" pose, being removed; tied up and crying animals being removed from the background on the forest level; and in level 6, "Eaten!", Catry's gruesome death by acid was written out of the plot; instead of being reduced to a pile of bones, she is merely knocked unconscious.
Source: Wikipedia

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