Mega Drive - Rolling Thunder 2 (NTSC)
  • Mega Drive - Rolling Thunder 2 (NTSC)
  • Mega Drive - Rolling Thunder 2 (NTSC)
  • Mega Drive - Rolling Thunder 2 (NTSC)
  • Mega Drive - Rolling Thunder 2 (NTSC)
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Mega Drive Rolling Thunder 2
Used game for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

US import, plays on any Mega Drive/Genesis system.

In-game language, instruction booklet and cover insert text are English.

Tested, works. In very good condition. Comes in original Namco brand case. Please refer to pictures for details of condition and contents.

Genre: 2D shooter
Number of players: 1-2 (simultaneous)

Rolling Thunder 2 (ローリングサンダー2 Rōringu Sandā Tsū) is a run and gun arcade game developed and released by Namco for the Namco System 2 hardware in 1990. The game is the sequel to 1986's Rolling Thunder, retaining the same gameplay of its predecessor but adding cooperative gameplay for two players and improved graphics. Unlike the original, which was based in 1968, Rolling Thunder 2 features a more contemporary setting to go along with its more futuristic design, as well as an optionally playable female character. A port for the Mega Drive/Genesis was released in 1991. Both the Mega Drive port and the original arcade game were released for the Wii Virtual Console on December 4, 2007 and October 27, 2009 respectively.

The Mega Drive/Genesis port differs from the arcade original by its inclusion of cut scenes before each stage, consisting of a single static images displayed above a scrolling text that narrates the story's progression; there are also three additional stages not present in the original arcade version, that take place between the arcade's original stages. These stages stand out from their arcade counterparts due to the presence of different upgradeable weapons and end-stage bosses. The Genesis version also features hidden power-ups in unmarked doors such as time extensions, energy recovery, and extra lives.

Much like in the NES port of the original game, a password feature has which uses full sentences instead of numerals and a harder difficulty level after completing the normal game. Both the original Rolling Thunder 2 arcade game and Genesis conversion are available on the Wii Virtual Consoleservice (and the Genesis conversion was again released on there first).

Source: Wikipedia
EAN code of Rolling Thunder 2 is 722674020114, product code is t-14066.

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