Saturn - Control Pad HSS-0101 (NTSC-J) #2
  • Saturn - Control Pad HSS-0101 (NTSC-J) #2
  • Saturn - Control Pad HSS-0101 (NTSC-J) #2
  • Saturn - Control Pad HSS-0101 (NTSC-J) #2
  • Saturn - Control Pad HSS-0101 (NTSC-J) #2
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Saturn Control Pad HSS-0101
Used Sega Saturn controller

Japanese import. Works on any Saturn console worldwide.

Tested, works. In good condition. Please refer to pictures for details of condition and contents.

Genre: controllers

The Sega Saturn Control Pad, later known simply as the Controller in North America, is primary method of user input for the Sega Saturn. It is an evolution of the Six Button Control Pad for the Sega Mega Drive and was originally seen in 1994 along with the Saturn console.


It has a circular D-Pad, a Start button, and six face buttons; ABCXY and Z. New to the Saturn is the addition of two shoulder buttons, L and R, which replace the Mega Drive's "mode" button to bring the total number of buttons to nine. Like the Mega Drive Control Pad(s), it is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort.

The Saturn controller debuted in Japan in 1994 and remained largely unchanged throughout the lifespan of the console. In North America and Europe however, a different, much bulkier controller was released to supposedly accommodate for the "bigger hands" of western consumers. This "MK-80100" control pad is functionally identical to its Japanese cousin, but is slightly larger and has a peculiar concave D-Pad, not seen in a Sega console since. This particular model is often regarded to be worse than the Japanese variant, and was replaced entirely during the summer of 1996, cutting costs as the console was redesigned.

There are many slightly different colour variations of the controller, mostly to match the colour of the console. Japan initially received grey pads, but eventually saw white and clear varieties as well as those designed for V-Saturns and HiSaturns. In the rest of the world (bar Brazil), only black controllers were released.

The Control Pad saw an "upgrade" in the form of the 3D Control Pad, built as a response to the Nintendo 64's analogue joystick.

Differences in Control Pads

There were two primary versions of the Japanese controller though externally they look the same and were both numbered HSS-0101. However, internally they are completely different. Saturn controllers have a "plus-sign" shaped piece of plastic inside the controller under the D-pad. The pad is raised above this and that's what gives the pad the "rocker" feel as opposed to the mushy feel of a Nintendo 64 or PlayStation controller.

  1. First version. Easily breakable within hours of play. This plastic piece *is* plastic, and has ridges in it in such a way that it adds to its fragility. This version has a tan circuit board, and the primary chip on it is a regular "through-hole" IC with the markings sanded off. The board doesn't even say "Sega" on it, if I didn't know better I'd think it was a counterfeit (since one came with the system and the other was a separate controller it's near impossible, besides it still has the official plug that says Sega on it etc.).
  2. Second version. Durable. Plastic piece is now nylon, and no longer has ridges. Circuit board is now green, says "Sega" on it, and uses surface mount chip. With some minor changes all controllers were still like this until the end.

The gray Japanese controllers that Toys R Us sold were the second version, so it must have been changed relatively quickly. The switches for L/R are different on the two versions too, as they were softer on the first version. Parts between the two versions for the most part are not interchangeable, most of the plastic parts have been altered in one (non-obvious) way or another.


A saturn control pad, or tweedehands controller, or 2dehands sega controller. The product code is hss-0101, EAN code is 4974365001018.

Artikelnummer: SAT-4974365001018
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