PS2 - Rygar: The Legendary Adventure (PAL)
  • PS2 - Rygar: The Legendary Adventure (PAL)
  • PS2 - Rygar: The Legendary Adventure (PAL)
  • PS2 - Rygar: The Legendary Adventure (PAL)
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PS2 Rygar: The Legendary Adventure
Used game for the PlayStation 2

PAL version
Available game languages (screen text and speech) are English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. Instruction booklet and cover insert text are Dutch.
Tested, works. Disc in very good condition, instruction booklet in excellent condition, case in good condition. Please refer to pictures for details of condition and contents. 

Genre: 3D action-adventure

Rygar: The Legendary Adventure, released in Japan as Argus no Senshi (アルゴスの戦士), is a action-adventure game for the PlayStation 2, released in November 2002. It is based on the original Rygar released for arcade and home consoles. It features 3D graphics and a destructible environment. The game is inspired by Greek and Roman mythology and has many enemies and worlds named after them.

It was released to generally positive reviews. The game was ported to the Wii in 2008, as Rygar: The Battle of Argus, released in Japan as Argus no Senshi: Muscle Impact (アルゴスの戦士 マッスルインパクト).

In Rygar: The Legendary Adventure, the player traverses the landscape armed with the Diskarmor, defeating enemies, collecting power-ups, and so forth. The camera is fixed in one location, but rotates when the player moves around accordingly. The game has many unlockable features, like picture and movie galleries. Completing the game and meeting certain requirements enables the use of a number of special Diskarmors as well as allowing the player to select any level.

The Diskarmor is a shield that is the main focus of gameplay. The player can equip special stones found throughout the game to increase its power and so forth. Also, abilities can be found that add other functions to the Diskarmor, such as a grapple ability that allows the player to swing between specially marked icons and pull themselves up to otherwise unreachable areas.

Source: Wikipedia

EAN code of Rygar: The Legendary Adventure is 3563650095590, product code is sles-51445. This is a used 3D action-adventure game, 2dehands retro spel, tweedehands games voor de Sony PlayStation 2.

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