PS2 - Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge (PAL)
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  • PS2 - Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge (PAL)
  • PS2 - Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge (PAL)
  • PS2 - Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge (PAL)
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PS2 Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge
Used game for the PlayStation 2

PAL version
Game language is English. Instruction booklet and cover insert text are in French and Dutch.
Tested, works. Disc and instruction booklet in excellent condition, case in good condition. Please refer to pictures for details of condition and contents. 

Genre: third-person shooter

Fur Fighters is a video game developed by Bizarre Creations and published by Acclaim Entertainment for the Dreamcast in 2000, later for Microsoft Windows. The game was designed very much as a standard third-person shooter, but used a world populated by cute little animals as its setting. As a result, the game's depiction of violence is very cartoon-like without losing any of its intensity. In 2001, an updated version for the PlayStation 2 was released as Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge. On July 20, 2012, members of Muffin Games, ex-Bizarre Creations staff, announced a conversion for iPad, called Fur Fighters: Viggo on Glass.


In Fur Fighters, the player's job is to rescue the tiny animal babies who have been taken from their parents (in one case, it's the little brother) by the central villain, General Viggo. Viggo has scattered these babies all over the world, requiring the fathers (again, in one case it's the little brother, in another, it's the mother) to explore, confront Viggo's henchmen, and rescue all of them. The gameplay featured many unique aspects for a third-person shooter of the time it was released, most notably making each level an extremely large, expansive area that requires sometimes hours of involved exploration to locate the babies and get rid of the enemies. (Examples include a giant construction site and an entire section of a large city, complete with buildings to explore, including a complete museum of modern art.) Maneuvering through these levels often requires careful observation of the environment so as not to get lost, as well as solving puzzles to figure out where some babies might be hidden or how to gain access to more of the level. Unlike most action games of this type, Fur Fighters distinguishes itself by featuring a system where the player can, at many intervals on a level, switch between one of many animal parents. Each parent has their own advantages and disadvantages, with many having special abilities allowing them to do certain things easier. This substitute system also makes it easier for players who are low on hit points or ammunition to switch to a more suitable character.

Source: Wikipedia

EAN code of Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge is 3455192326723, product code is sles-50106. This is a used third-person shooter game, 2dehands retro spel, tweedehands games voor de Sony PlayStation 2.

Artikelnummer: PS2-3455192326723
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