PS1 - BioHazard 2: Dual Shock Version (NTSC-J)
  • PS1 - BioHazard 2: Dual Shock Version (NTSC-J)
  • PS1 - BioHazard 2: Dual Shock Version (NTSC-J)
  • PS1 - BioHazard 2: Dual Shock Version (NTSC-J)
  • PS1 - BioHazard 2: Dual Shock Version (NTSC-J)
  • PS1 - BioHazard 2: Dual Shock Version (NTSC-J)
  • PS1 - BioHazard 2: Dual Shock Version (NTSC-J)
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PS1 BioHazard 2: Dual Shock Version
Used game for the PlayStation 1

Japanese import, will not play on non-Japanese systems without a converter.
In the US this game was released as Resident Evil 2: Dual Shock Edition
. It was not released in Europe.
In-game language is a mixture of English and Japanese. Instruction booklet and inlay text are Japanese.
Tested, works. Discs integrity has been tested with special software and proved to be 100% error free. Both discs and instruction booklet in very good condition. Case in good condition. Please refer to pictures for more details of condition and contents.

Genre: survival action-adventure
Number of players: 1

After its initial release for the PlayStation in January 1998, Resident Evil 2 was reissued and ported to other systems, often gaining new features in the process. The first re-release was the Dual Shock Ver., which incorporated support for the vibration and analog control functions of the PlayStation's DualShockcontroller. Other additions include a new unlockable minigame called "Extreme Battle", and a "Rookie" mode that enables the player to start the main story with a powerful weapon that features infinite ammunition. The Japanese release of the Dual Shock Ver. contained a "U.S.A. Version" mode based on the difficulty level of Resident Evil 2's Western versions.

The Dual Shock Ver. served as the basis for the majority of ports, such as the Windows 9x-based PC-CD release, which was titled Resident Evil 2 Platinum in North America. Aside from retaining all previously added features, the PC version can be run in higher resolutions. A "Data Gallery" was added to the main menu, allowing the player to view movies, rough sketches, illustrations and 3D models. In February 2006, a Japan-exclusive, Windows XP-compatible PC-DVD re-release was published. Developed by Sourcenext, it included high-quality FMVs encoded at a resolution of 640×480 pixels. The Dreamcast version keeps the additions from the original PC release, and incorporates real-time display of the character's condition on the Visual Memory Unit peripheral. The Japanese edition of the Dreamcast port was given the subtitle Value Plus and came with a playable demo of Resident Evil – Code: Veronica. An unmodified port of the Dual Shock Ver. was released for the GameCube. The initial PlayStation version was re-released on the Japanese PlayStation Network in 2007, while the service's North American counterpart received the Dual Shock Ver. two years later.

As a survival horror title, Resident Evil 2 features the same basic gameplay mechanics as its predecessor, Resident Evil. The player explores a fictional city while solving puzzles and fighting monsters.[2] The game's two protagonists may be equipped with firearms, but limited ammunition adds a tactical element to weapon use. On the status screen, the player can check the condition of the protagonists, use medicine to heal their wounds, and assign weapons. The characters' current health can also be determined by their posture and movement speed. For example, a character will hold their stomach in pain if wounded, and will limp slowly if on the verge of death. The protagonists may carry a limited number of items, and must store others in boxes placed throughout the game world, where they may later be retrieved. Each protagonist is joined by a support partner during the course of the story. These characters accompany the player in certain scenes, and occasionally become playable. Certain rooms contain typewriters that the player may use to save the game. However, each save expends one of a limited number of ink ribbons, which the player must collect in the game world. The graphics of Resident Evil 2 are composed of real-time generated – and thus movable – polygonal character and item models, superimposed over pre-rendered backgrounds that are viewed from fixed camera angles.

The main addition over the preceding game is the "Zapping System", by which each of the two playable characters is confronted with different puzzles and storylines in their respective scenarios. After finishing the "A" scenario with one protagonist, a "B" scenario, in which the events are depicted from the other character's perspective, is unlocked. The player has the option of starting the "A" scenario with either of the two protagonists, resulting in a total of four different scenarios. Actions taken during the first playthrough affect the second. For example, the availability of certain items may be altered. After each game, the player receives a ranking based on the total time taken to complete the scenario, and on the number of saves and special healing items used. Depending on the player's accomplishments, bonus weapons and costumes may be unlocked as a reward. The original version of Resident Evil 2 contains two stand-alone minigames: "The 4th Survivor" and "The To-fu Survivor". In both of these minigames, the player must reach the goal while fighting every enemy along the way with only the default item loadout. All the later versions (except the Nintendo 64 version) add a third minigame titled "Extreme Battle", which consists of four playable characters and three stages.
Source: Wikipedia
JAN code of BioHazard 2: Dual Shock Version is 4976219255943, product code is slps 01510-1.

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