Famicom - Gradius (NTSC-J) cart
  • Famicom - Gradius (NTSC-J) cart
  • Famicom - Gradius (NTSC-J) cart
  • Famicom - Gradius (NTSC-J) cart
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Famicom Gradius
Used Nintendo Famicom (Japanese NES) game

Japanese import. Will not play on non-Japanese systems without a converter.
Game language is English.
Cartridge only. Tested, works. In fair to good condition. Please refer to pictures for details of condition and contents.

Genre: side-scrolling shoot-'em-up

Gradius (グラディウス Guradiusu, /ˈgrɑdiəs/) is a series of shooter video games, first introduced in 1985, developed and published by Konami for a variety of portable, console and arcade platforms. In many games in the series, the player controls a ship known as the Vic Viper.

Common elements
There are several gameplay elements that are common to almost all the Gradius games. These include the power meter, one of the Gradius series' defining characteristics, is enabled by power-up items. The items upgrade the selected ability in the power meter. The meter resets when the player chooses to activate the selected ability. Weapon edit lets players create their own power meter sequence.

The concept of the "Core" is a central part of Gradius. Cores are usually blue, glowing masses of energy hidden within large warships and protected by a series of barriers. All cores must be targeted in order to defeat a warship, which normally comprises several phases and often uses the terrain to its advantage. In some cases, a core is closed or not vulnerable at the beginning of a battle, only opening or becoming susceptible to attack some moments later by turning blue. Additionally, the announcer will normally urge the player to "Destroy the core!" or "Shoot the core!" prior to an encounter. For other types of bosses, like large beasts, the announcer may command the player to "Destroy the eye!" or "Destroy the mouth!", depending on the boss.

The moai statues of Easter Island (Chile) appear as enemies in several Gradius games. They are mounted on either side of flat, free-floating platforms and fire a series of colorful rings at the Vic Viper. Upon completing the game, the player restarts on the first level while retaining their upgrades from the previous games. Each cycle through the game grows progressively more difficult. The Nintendo Entertainment System port of Gradius represents the first ever use of the Konami Code. If the player pauses the game and enters the Konami Code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A), they will be given most of the power-ups except Laser, Double and Speed Up.

Source: Wikipedia
EAN code of Gradius is 4988602505788, product code is rc810. This is a used Nintendo Famicom game, 2dehands retro 2d horizontal shoot-'em-up spel, tweedehands games.

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