N64 - F-Zero X (PAL)
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  • N64 - F-Zero X (PAL)
  • N64 - F-Zero X (PAL)
  • N64 - F-Zero X (PAL)
  • N64 - F-Zero X (PAL)
  • N64 - F-Zero X (PAL)
  • N64 - F-Zero X (PAL)
  • N64 - F-Zero X (PAL)
  • N64 - F-Zero X (PAL)
  • N64 - F-Zero X (PAL)
  • N64 - F-Zero X (PAL)
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N64 F-Zero X
Used Nintendo 64 game

PAL version.

In-game language is English. Instruction booklet in French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. Box text in French and Dutch.
Tested, works. In very good condition. Cartridge bag is a replacement copy. 
Please refer to picturs for more details of condition and contents.

Genre: 3D futuristic racing
Number of players: 1-4 (simultaneous)

F-Zero X is a futuristic racing video game for the Nintendo 64 (N64) console. Developed by Nintendo's EAD division, it was released in Japan, North America, and Europe in 1998. In 2000, an expansion pack was exclusively released in Japan providing numerous extra features not in the original game. F-Zero X was ported in 2004 to the iQue Player in China. The game was re-released on the Wii Virtual Console in Japan, Europe and in North America, in 2007. To honor the 100th Virtual Console release in Europe, it became available on June 15.

It was a sequel to the original 1990 F-Zero game, and is the first F-Zero installment to have featured 3D graphics. The game has a steep learning curve and its gameplay experience is similar to that of the original F-Zero game. F-Zero X introduced a "death race" mode and a random track generator called the "X Cup". In the death race, the player's objective is to annihilate the 29 other racers as speedily as possible, while the X-Cup "creates" a different set of tracks each time played.

Critics generally praised F-Zero X for its fast gameplay, abundance of courses and vehicles, track design, and maintaining a high framerate. However, the game has been widely criticized for its lack of graphical detail.


F-Zero X is a fast-paced futuristic racing video game where thirty competitors race on high-altitude circuits inside plasma-powered hovercars in an intergalactic Grand Prix. Taking place after the original tournament was discontinued for several years due to the extreme danger of the sport, F-Zero X begins after the Grand Prix is brought back with the rules and regulations revised under the same name as the video game. The tracks in the game include hills, loops, tunnels, corkscrews, and pipes. Players can drift into turns without losing momentum by using the control stick and trigger button. The game introduces 26 new vehicles, and reprises the 4 from the original F-Zero game. Each has its own performance abilities affected by its size and weight, and a grip, boost, and durability trait graded on an A to E (best to worst) scale. Before a race, players are able to adjust a vehicle's balance between maximum acceleration and maximum top speed.

Each machine has an energy meter, which serves two purposes. Firstly, it is a measurement of the machine's health and is decreased, for example, when the machine hits another racer or the side of the track. The game introduces the ability to attack other racers by either utilizing a side or spin attack. Secondly, it is a boost meter used for manually boosting, usually starting with the second lap of a race. Energy can be replenished by driving over recharge strips, called "Pit Areas", located at various points around the track. The amount of time spent in these areas is relative to amount of energy regenerated. There are also dash plates around the track that give a speed boost without using up any energy.

Race modes

F-Zero X has five different gameplay modes: GP (Grand Prix) Race, Practice, Time Attack, Death Race, and VS Battle. In GP Race, the player races against 29 opponents through 3 laps of each track in a cup. Players get a certain number of points for finishing a track depending on where they placed, and the winner of the cup is the character who receives the most total points. If the player has a "spare machine"—the equivalent of an extra life—then falls off a track or runs out of energy, the race can be restarted. Each cup has four selectable difficulty levels: Novice, Standard, Expert, and Master. The higher the difficulty level selected, the tougher the opponents, and less spare machines the player starts with. Furthermore, the three cups initially available are ordered by increasing difficulty (Jack, Queen and King respectively) and have 6 tracks each. Eventually, the player can unlock the Joker Cup with its set of 6 tracks, followed by the X Cup. The X Cup is a set of 6 randomly generated tracks every time played. The randomized track elements lack loops and can be simplistic, but others are intricate.

There is a Practice mode which allows the player to practice any track with opponents. Time Attack lets the player choose a track and complete a 3-lap race in the shortest time possible. Transparent re-enactments of Time Attack performances, or ghost data, from the player or game developer can be raced against. Up to 3 player-contributed ghosts can be raced against simultaneously, but only one can be saved per track. Death Race has the player annihilating the 29 other racers as speedily as possible on a specialized course. There is no selectable difficulty level, or set amount of laps, but the boost is immediately available. Vs. Battle is the multiplayer mode where 2 to 4 players compete in a 3-lap race, and slots not in use by players can be operated by the artificial intelligence. A slot machine for those out of the race early will appear if the option is enabled. Players can adversely affect the energy levels of those still competing by matching symbols.
Source: Wikipedia

EAN code of F-Zero X is 045496870287, product code is nus-nfzp-eur.

Artikelnummer: N64-045496870287
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