GBA - 007: Everything or Nothing
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  • GBA - 007: Everything or Nothing
  • GBA - 007: Everything or Nothing
  • GBA - 007: Everything or Nothing
  • GBA - 007: Everything or Nothing
  • GBA - 007: Everything or Nothing
  • GBA - 007: Everything or Nothing
  • GBA - 007: Everything or Nothing
  • GBA - 007: Everything or Nothing
  • GBA - 007: Everything or Nothing
  • GBA - 007: Everything or Nothing
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GBA 007 Everythong or Nothing
Used Game Boy Advance game

Region free, works on any original Game Boy Advance system worldwide.

Available game languages are English, German and French, instruction booklet and box text are in Dutch and Italian. Tested, works. Everything in good condition. Instruction booklet is complete and has no writings inside. Please refer to pictures for details of condition and contents.

Genre: third-person action

James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing is a third-person shooter video game, in which the player controls James Bond. Bond is modeled after and voiced by the former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan. Developed by EA Redwood Shores and published by Electronic Arts, it was released for the GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox consoles. The Game Boy Advance version was developed by Griptonite Games and when linked to the GameCube version via the Nintendo GameCube–Game Boy Advance link cable allowed unique premium content. Although the game achieved Platinum Hits status on the Xbox, it is one of the few games that achieved this status that has not been made backwards compatible with the Xbox 360.

Written by Bruce Feirstein, Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo, Everything or Nothing centers around Bond dealing with the use of nanotechnology as terrorism. It is the second Bond game played in third-person after Tomorrow Never Dies, and is the first Bond game to both feature a two-player cooperative mode and lack deathmatch multiplayer mode. The game features returning actors John Cleese and Judi Dench, as Q and M respectively.

The gameplay is a mix of third-person shooting/action sequences and vehicle sequences. In third-person missions, Bond can typically use cover, engage in hand-to-hand combat, use gadgets and perform some context-sensitive actions, while driving sequences primarily involve racing to a specific objective.

Opening in Tajikistan, Bond infiltrates a stronghold where an organization sells a stolen Soviet suitcase bomb. Opening fire and causing conflict, Bond uses the confusion to steal the device and escape.

The game then cuts to Bond detonating a research facility in Egypt, with the intent of destroying a nanobot stolen by terrorists that is capable of repairing damaged nuclear reactors without danger to humans. Rescuing its inventor, Dr. Katya Nadanova (Heidi Klum), Bond dispatches his captors, including Jaws (Richard Kiel). Unbeknownst to Bond, Nadanova then gives a vial of her nanobots to Nikolai Diavolo (Willem Dafoe), a former KGB agent with ties to Max Zorin.

Some time later, Bond is sent to investigate a Peruvian platinum mine, where agent 003 was last seen. Enlisting the aid of an American geologist, Serena St. Germaine (Shannon Elizabeth), Bond finds 003, only for Diavolo to mortally wound the latter; after 003 mentions New Orleans before dying, Bond rescues Serena and heads for America.

After NSA double agent Mya Starling (Mýa) is discovered, Bond rescues her and they track Diavolo's operations to an abandoned plantation in Louisiana; Bond discovers Diavolo has altered Nadanova's nanobots to eat through all metals but platinum. Destroying the laboratory, Bond finds a tanker of nanobots which is being driven by Jaws to the levees with the intent of flooding New Orleans. Bond destroys the truck before it can reach the levees, and returns to Peru.

Winning a race Diavolo holds, Bond finds he has captured Serena, allowing Diavolo to escape to the mines. After saving Serena, Bond reaches the mines, but is captured by Nadanova. Diavolo explains that he intends to use the nanobots to destroy the Kremlin and use his army of tanks, armored with platinum to make them immune to the nanobots, to control Russia, and then overthrow Europe. Tied in the path of a mining drill, Bond escapes his shackles and flees the mines in a helicopter piloted by Serena.

Following Diavolo to Moscow, Bond steals one of Diavolo's platinum tanks and uses it to prevent the release of the nanobots in Red Square and heads for a missile silo hidden under the Kremlin. Deactivating the nanotech missiles, Bond then shoots down a Soviet jet containing Diavolo and Nadanova, killing the latter. Ejecting from the jet, Diavolo reaches a control tower; Bond detonates it, but Diavolo reactivates a missile before falling to his death into the missile silo. Bond then destroys the missile as it launches, before kissing Serena outside the Kremlin.
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