Neo-Geo CD - King of Fighters '94, The w/ spine card (NTSC-J) region free
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  • Neo-Geo CD - King of Fighters '94, The w/ spine card (NTSC-J) region free
  • Neo-Geo CD - King of Fighters '94, The w/ spine card (NTSC-J) region free
  • Neo-Geo CD - King of Fighters '94, The w/ spine card (NTSC-J) region free
  • Neo-Geo CD - King of Fighters '94, The w/ spine card (NTSC-J) region free
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Neo-Geo CD The King of Fighters '94
Used Neo-Geo CD game

Japanese import. Plays on any Neo-Geo CD console worldwide.

In-game language is English. Instruction booklet and back inlay text are Japanese.
Tested, works. In good condition. Disc integrity has been tested with special software and proved to be 100% error free. Please refer to pictures for details of condition and contents.

Genre: 2D fighting
Number of players: 1-2 (simultaneous)

The King of Fighters '94 (officially abbreviated KOF '94) is a fighting game released by SNK for the Neo Geo-based arcade system in 1994, as the inaugural game in The King of Fighters series. The game was soon also released for the Neo Geo home console systems, including a Neo Geo CD version. In 2008, KOF '94 was one of sixteen games included in SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable and Wii.

KOF '94 is a crossover featuring characters from SNK's previous fighting game properties Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting. It also includes revised versions of characters from their pre-Neo Geo games Ikari Warriors and Psycho Soldier, as well as original characters created specifically for the game. The plot features the creation of a new King of Fighters tournament created by the criminal Rugal Bernstein.

SNK developed KOF '94 with the initial idea of using several games from the company in order to attract gamers who played these games. The characters' designs, as well as its innovative gameplay system based on using teams of three members, were both well received. The success of the game allowed SNK to produce a long collection of sequels in The King of Fighters series.

In 2004, to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the series, SNK released a remake titled The King of Fighters '94 Re-Bout. It features the original game and a new version with higher resolution graphics.

The basic gameplay system of KOF '94 is similar to SNK's previous games like the Fatal Fury series, Art of Fightingand Samurai Shodown. The game uses a four attack button configuration similar to Fatal Fury 2 and Fatal Fury Special, that consists of light punch, light kick, strong punch and strong kick. Like in Fatal Fury 2, specialized techniques are performed by pressing buttons in combination, allowing the player to dodge an opponent's attack or to launch a character's powerful knockdown attack. As with most other fighting games, each character has a set of basic, unique, and special moves that can be performed by the player with a specific series of joystickand button inputs.

Each player has a power gauge at the bottom of the screen which charges when the character is blocking or taking attacks. It can also be filled manually, although it leaves the character vulnerable to an attack, by pressing and holding three buttons at the same time. Once the power gauge is filled, the player's basic attacks become stronger for a short period. When the characters are in this state, their players can also perform the character's Super Move, which immediately consumes the entire power gauge. The players can also access their character's Super Move when the life gauge is 75% empty and flashing red like in Fatal Fury 2. Use of taunt moves can reduce the opponent's power gauge, slow down their manual charging, and stop them reaching the maximum level.

Notably, KOF '94 innovated the genre by replacing a traditional round-based format used in preceding fighting games with a format consisting of 3-on-3 team based matches dubbed the Team Battle System. Instead of choosing a single character, the player selects from one of eight available teams, each consisting of three members. Before each match, the players choose the order in which each of their team member enters the battle. When the match begins, the members chosen to go first on their respective teams will fight. When one character is defeated, the following member of the same team will take his or her place, while the character on the other team will have a small portion of their life restored (if energy was lost during the previous round). If a character is losing a match against the opponent, then the player can call one of the remaining teammates standing on the sidelines to jump in and perform a support attack. The match ends when all three members of either team lose.
Source: Wikipedia

JAN code of The King of Fighters '94 (KOF '94) is 4964808500703, the product code is ngcd-055. This is a used neo-geo game, 2dehands neo-geo games, tweedehands retro spellen.

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